News Ninja is an automated news generator built by Infegy that uses Infegy's own software to analyze what people are saying online and generate headlines about trending topics that read just like the news.

The whole news-generation process happens in several stages:

Step 1

Accessing Infegy’s massive database of online content, News Ninja uses Infegy Linguistics to understand the key topics and themes being discussed by millions of news outlets, social influencers, bloggers and more.

Step 2

Next, News Ninja uses statistical analysis to filter out irrelevant information and determine which topics are actually buzzworthy. This is how our ninja robots understand that not every headline should be about One Direction or Justin Bieber.

Step 3

The final bit of software magic happens when News Ninja applies Infegy Linguistics to take all the information that's been analyzed and construct descriptive headlines describing all the big stories on the internet automatically. No human editors required.


The software continually processes data, updating the front page every 10 minutes to bring you real-time breaking news.

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